Special solutions for special problems.

At Básico we are specialists in asset management (REO's), with a special focus on residential (new construction, second hand granular, work in progress), without forgetting commercial, industrial and land management.

Our knowledge and participation in the value chain of the management of a portfolio of assets by the investor has led us to become a specialised servicer in the analysis and search for solutions for the marketing and commercialisation of real estate assets. Based on the analysis of the portfolio, we propose operational solutions aimed at seeking the liquidity of the assets through their commercialisation

Although our speciality is asset management and not debt management, we have extensive experience in negotiating with the debtor for the establishment of SPV's that lead to the recovery of the value of the investment made. Our development work (our own and in delegated development) and experience in sales, as well as the negotiation with individuals in the search for solutions to solve their debt position with third parties, allow us to have a differential vision to reach sales agreements.

Strategic Portfolio Review

Analysis of the portfolio through an internally developed model with the objective of defining the liquidity of the assets in the market. Through numerous demographic and economic variables, market sectors and demand potential meters, a strategic review of the portfolio is carried out, defining an initial vision of its management and commercial orientation.

Objective assessment and knowledge of the portfolio

On many occasions, there has not been sufficient time to analyse the valuation work and knowledge of the assets carried out in the underwriting, and the team that has carried out the valuation work has not physically seen the assets (at least those of greater value) on site. This results in valuations that are technically valid, but far from the sale price, so that when the assets are marketed, there are often large deviations between the purchase value that originated in that previous work and the sale value of the assets. An independent valuation and visit of the assets, helps determine an objective value with which to reposition the portfolio in the market, helping in many occasions to have a vision of the asset, through its visit, that has not been obtained in the management process.

Definition of the commercial strategy

With the information obtained in the previous steps, it is possible to define the optimal commercial strategy for the assets in the portfolio. This strategy will be perfectly aligned with the investor's objectives, especially in terms of maximising the sale value of the assets and achieving the planned divestment times.


Having our own sales team in place in a large part of the national territory grants us an agility that cannot be obtained by commercial management through APIs. This is Básico's success in the implementation of the defined commercial strategy and what sets us apart from traditional Servicers, obtaining better results. We are specialists in the definition and implementation of commercial actions based on "guerrilla marketing", we organise events that mobilise local demand, we launch transversal campaigns far removed from traditional systems, seeking the best strategy for each asset.

Processing / Support in the sales process

On many occasions, the preparation of all the documentation necessary for the sale of the asset to materialise suffers long delays due to excessive bureaucracy in the processes. The consequence of these delays is that the buyer withdraws and looks for a less problematic alternative. At Básico, we directly manage all the necessary procedures for the deed to be executed in the shortest possible time or we support the existing structure in the management of the investor to bring the sale to a successful conclusion.