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Experience is presupposed, efficient knowledge of processes and good work brings results.

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A philosophy based on maximising asset value, reducing operating costs, increasing revenues to produce better returns for the investor, in short, maximising cash flows.

A flexible approach, allowing for an integrated approach, including purchasing, due diligence, property management, leasing, sales, development and renovations.

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Our extensive experience in the analysis of different projects allows us to offer a tailor-made service, from the analysis of the location and its potential demand, through the design of the product, to the management.

We have an algorithm that allows us to evaluate the demand potential of a location, as well as to locate specific areas where we can attract future customers.

For us, not all homes built for rent are BTR. Only those that:

  • Are designed to maximise returns
  • Have a custom-designed operational model

All of the experience accumulated by Básico since 2019 has been put into the "Básico BTR White Paper"


At Básico we believe that the design and implementation of strategies that incorporate ESG criteria in portfolio management constitute a relevant element of asset value enhancement.

In this sense we help owners to:

  • Improve the energy efficiency of managed buildings, including support for access to investment financing grants.
  • Implement certifications that verify the improvements made.
  • Establish policies that are sensitive to the vulnerability situations that may arise in the clients who lease the assets, offering effective solutions to each problem. Even in situations that could potentially involve entering into such a vulnerable situation.
  • Develop policies to improve transparency in asset portfolio management.


Comprehensive management of residential rental assets

To ensure the management is properly initiated, it is advisable to agree on an appropriate incorporation phase that precedes the actual start of services. This process must ensure that all necessary documents are transferred and digitised, that data is recorded in the systems, and that maintenance and inspection work on assets is identified and implemented. At this point is when the client's objectives are known in order to align them with the strategy to be followed, the information reporting systems are designed and the actions aimed at representing the client are coordinated when necessary.

We are responsible for collecting, storing and archiving all the information necessary for the management. We protect customer-related data so that it is stored, used and processed in accordance with applicable regulations as well as our customer's specifications. We carry out the custody and control of the keys of each asset, as well as the coordination of the delivery and recovery with the different agents involved in the management of each asset.

Our management philosophy is based on a different way of conceiving the rental of a property and the relationship with tenants, through a closer, more cordial and less corporate treatment. This is what we call "Life +". It is to help our clients, from the moment they contact us and enter their home, until they decide to end their relationship with us. This relationship model is based on a management that seeks to avoid reputational risks, through clear and simple processes that prevent the risk of lawsuits. Básico RE has its own Contact Centre, which plays a fundamental role in this customer experience model.

Commercial management plays a key role in managing cash flows, balancing the portfolio's balance sheet and profit. Basic RE will represent the interests of the property and will act within the parameters defined directly or indirectly by the property. Básico RE has its own Sales Team, with 8 delegations and physical presence in nearly the entire national territory. We propose the annual Marketing Plan, its implementation and follow-up, as well as the necessary specific actions for specific assets and groups.

Comprehensive management of leasing contracts, including their custody, updating, maintenance and follow-up in appropriate technological systems. The model includes invoicing, debt management, rent updates, renewals and settlement of bonds and guarantees. Preparation of the annual building maintenance plan and its budget, with periodic follow-up.

We have a team in charge of the coordination and management of the reforms, adjustments and incidents that may occur during the rental process, both in the homes and in the common areas. Analysis, identification and proposal of improvements in assets to increase their value, efficiency and sustainability.

Advice on bidding and contracting of non-payment of rents, civil liability and property damage insurance policies. We take care of all the management in the event of a claim, coordinating with the insurance company the necessary actions until the claim is resolved.

We perform all the support and assistance tasks necessary for lawyers to carry out the corresponding procedures in third party claims processes: gathering information and documentation, assistance in legal proceedings on behalf of the property, litigation follow-up.

Financial accounting related to the assets under management, as well as corporate, in accordance with the accounting standards defined by the ownership. Advice on the definition of accounting policies.

We report the information and kpi's defined jointly with the property, defining formats and periodicity for preparing the corresponding reports. We have an online reporting tool that can be consulted by the property at any time.